Sifnos island

Sifnos is a mountainous island with fertile valleys, beautiful beaches and several villages. Sifnos was the first island in Greece to hook up their plumbing to a purification and waste treatment plant which makes Kamares one of the cleanest beaches in Greece and certainly the cleanest port.

Welcome to Sifnos! Sifnos is the fourth island in the Western Cyclades and is easily reachable by ferry and high-speed catamaran from Pireaus.

During the summer season the island has ferry links to Pireus and to islands that are on the Milos line. The journey by trailership liner lasts five hours and by catamaran and hydrofoil it takes approximately two and a half to three hours.

There are also ferry links to many other islands of the Cyclades: Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Tinos, Siros, Folegandros, Ios, Santorini etc.. as well as direct lines to Crete or through the islands of Milos and quite often through Sifnos as well.

During the rest of the year the frequency of the ferry schedules depends on the season. This is why is advisable to check with the relevant port authorities or agencies before traveling to and from the island.

The nearest airports to Sifnos are on the islands of Milos and Paros. For emergencies, there is an organized heliport nearby the Panagia monastery of Vrissiani , south of Eksabelos.

During the summer season frequent bus itineraries (4 buses) link up the twelve villages of the island while ten taxis service transport, needs as well.

Sifnos Beaches


Sifnos is an island of the Aegean Sea, in Greece. It is part of the Cyclades and it lies between Serifos, Kimolos and Paros islands.


Sifnos total size is 74 sq km, and its coastline is 76km long. The highest point of the island is Profitis Ilias, at 682m above sea level.

Sifnos has a varied landscape for its size. Three main types of landscape can be found: a) Inhabited areas with beautiful “blue and white” traditional villages, b) cultivated lands, where terraced slopes with olive groves prevail, and c) wild areas where the Mediterranean maquis and juniper forests are dominant.

The best way to explore the island is certainly on foot, taking advantage of the numerous trails. Easy to walk for the largest amount of them, they offer the opportunity to the hiker to deeply explore and enjoy the aforementioned landscapes, to get in touch with local culture and the famously friendly local society.

Kamares Beach

“Kamares, Sifnos is the best beach town in Greece for families, especially those with small children. With a long, shallow, clean and sandy beach and cafes and restaurants right there in the sand you can eat and drink and relax while watching your children safely play nearby. And the restaurants also happen to be among the best you will find on the Greek Islands”
Matt Barrett

Platis Gialos

Platy Yialos is said to be one of the longest beaches of the Cyclades and it is an excellent place for spending the day swimming in the water, playing beach games on the sand and making friends, which is easy, with all the sporty people who water-ski, wind-surf and do all kinds of other fun stuff on the fine golden sandy beach.

Local Cuisine of Sifnos

Sifnians are revelers and gourmands

The inhabitants of the island are by nature hospitable, cheerful and kind and keep their traditions and their traditional cuisine. Sifnians are revelers and gourmands and therefore, excellent cooks. The unique flavors of the local cuisine with the use of fresh products make Sifnos stand out! It is not accidental that Sifnos is the birthplace of many great chefs such as Nikos Tselementes.

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